to the website of the company Schaarschuh Edelstahl-Service GmbH.

We are producers, users and distributors of high quality SAROX® stainless steel pickling products.

Our states goal was and is the development,
production and introduction of environmentally
friendly and powerful pickling products.

One result of this work is documented in the
successful application of nitric acid-free
PREMIUM pickling products which work nitrate-free
and nitrite-free without reliably and economically NOx emissions.

Since January 2006, we have a new production facility
with its own pickling shop in Chemnitz.
In a pool of dimensions 7.0 m x 2.0 m x 1.8 m with 24m³
nitric-acid free pickling bath by dip procedure
environmentally friendly stained.
Larger structures with almost unlimited geometric dimensions
and surfaces are treated by spray pickling.
A crane with 5 tons and forklifts provides
efficient work.

We have the expertise and the long-standing
experience in manufacturing high-quality and versatile
pickling products of stainless steel and other metals.
We offer for every application the suitable solution
for surface treatment stainless steels and other metals.